Penthouse Demi moore

Demi moore penthouse

Demi moore penthouse Demi moore penthouse Demi moore penthouse

She has to take a $30 million hit on her original asking price.

#Two years after Demi Moore first listed her incredible San Remo penthouse for $75 million, she's sold the co-op for $45 million. #From Luxury Listings NYC: As of today, it has been one year since Demi Moore's six-bedroom penthouse atop the San Remo building first hit. #Demi Moore's NYC penthouse is selling for a whopping $75 million. Take a tour inside: #YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: After languishing on the open market for two years, Demi Moore has at long last sold her epic triplex penthouse in the south tower of the fancy pants San Remo building along Central Park West in New York City for $45 million. Though a staggering amount of.
Demi moore penthouse

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